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MYPAC's Response to COVID-19

MYPAC is committed to supporting its alumni and students during these unprecedented times.

We recognize that during and post COVID-19, MYPACs role will shift and align with the needs of students and alumni. We are in the process of adapting to keep our network connected even though we are apart.

Student Placements

COVID-19 has impacted students by limiting the opportunities to network and secure placements as a part of their MES degree program. We have heard from other students who have had their placements cancelled as a result.

MYPAC would like to reach out to our alumni network and planning organizations to think outside the box about the ways in which they can employ MES planning students through internships or research roles. These can be paid or unpaid positions. Please contact Luisa Sotomayer with available opportunities for students, we will help in facilitating matching a student to the role. 

Events for Students and Alumni

We would like to provide one location to track and promote upcoming events that our alumni network and students should be aware of. 

If you would like to submit an event and have it posted please email the executive committee.

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