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Planning Case Competition 2023

On April 21st MYPAC (MES York Planning Alumni Committee) hosted an in-person Case Competition. Students from the MES program competed in teams where each winning team member would win $350. This year, the competition took place in person for the first time since its inception in 2020. Thinc Design had the student groups work together to design a park for the Town of Caledon. They then shared their ideas to the panel of judges consisting of Leandra Correale Ferguson (MES), Jillian Albert, Deidre Richards, and Anna Flood who gave them valuable feedback. 


MYPAC would like to thank MSH Plan for sponsoring this event. 

Congratulations to the winning team:

Sandhya Suryanarayanan, Mani Singh, Nastassia Pratt, and Rudia Nam 


And to the runner up team:

Steven Kakaletris, Elliot Li, Elijah Leotaud, and Mujtaba Mir

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